Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer in The City 2010

Every time I think I'm going to get back into blogging on the regular, I try to keep up with everything and then it quickly starts to slip. I have a whole bunch of new posters and drawings to post and I really want to write about them. Unfortunately, I'm usually so busy making more that I haven't gotten that chance.

I've been working on this series of posters for The Rock Hall, for their Summer in The City series of shows they're having outside the front of the building. The first one is this week.

Actually, The Carolina Chocolate Drops are a pretty amazing band, and everybody who likes good live jams should make an effort to get the hell downtown tomorrow night to see this show. It's FREE. Also, Lighthouse and The Whaler from Cleveland.

Then there's Free Energy, which is a band I get the impression people love. I've heard from multiple sources, reputable sources, that people love this band. I'm old and out of touch, so drawing this poster was the first time I'd ever heard of them, but yeah, hey- Free Show at the Rock Hall! Also, Founding Fathers- I heard they were wearing Revolutionary War costumes to this. Wigs an shit. I dunno, that's just what I heard. John K is clearly Ben Franklin. Booyah.

I'm fast at work on two more of the series. Stay Tuned.

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