Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Lightning Bolt, Clan of The Cave Bear, Megachurch, and Jeff the Brotherhood has dropped off the bill, replaced by Cleveland rippers Self Destruct Button. Jeez, how much better would this poster be if it were actually accurate?

I'll actually be selling 18" x 24" posters of this at the show, which is tonight as I type this. They're $20 a piece. I've also got some that are 24 x 36, which are $30. If you aren't going to make it to the show or live outside of the North East Ohio area, and would like one of these posters, I would be more than happy to send them out. Shoot me an email: and we can work it out.

Here's a process:

I pretty much knew what I wanted this to look like. It's actually kind of familiar territory, thematically and visually. Still, I think it's a deep ass well to draw from.

Brush + Ink + Pen + Splatt. I used the one-two combination of a new little brush, and a pretty crusty old beaten brush for this. I knew I would be adding vegetation to the buildings, which I left out of the roughs. That's actually something I think about quite a bit, giant ass buildings covered in overgrowth. Cities, the way they were building over the past two centuries, need to be replaced. They're done. It's over, cities, get used to it.

I used Photoshop, Sleep Deprivation, Coffee, and Loud Music to color this jam. Also, it was buck wild fucking sweltering up in Ye Merry Olde Clevelyn. The air was thick, and my brains were scrambled. My heart was beating. Fools were having a ball.

I figured the name "Lightning Bolt" had probably traditionally been drawn a lot of ways that looks kind of the way the band sounds. Weird and malformed, maybe free-spirited and wiggly, maybe bold and with static. As much as I like that idea, I think I went with an acceptable and solidly legible/massive-murderous look. Screwed tradition. Electrified Anachronism.

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Anonymous said...

this is a supreme job man...friggan' love it. also those jellyfish floating in the sky from that last post are exquisite.