Thursday, August 05, 2010

This is The GUITAR GYRO!

For August, as a tie-in with The Capitol Theatre's screening of This is Spinal Tap on August 21st, Melt is bringing back last summer's Gyro Melt, but it's been renamed The Guitar Gyro (pronounced yee-ro)! Here's the goods:


Seasoned Slow Roasted Beef and Lamb Meat, Derek Smalls Tzatiki Cucumber Yogurt Sauce, Fresh Tomato & Sweet Onions, Rich Feta and Creamy Muenster Cheese. An incredible vegetarian/vegan version is available with in-house made seitan gyro "meat" and vegan tzatziki sauce.

I didn't save the roughs I drew for this. There were a whole lot of them, and I think I just threw them in the recycling box with the stacks of fifty other roughs and useless sheets of ruined papers while I was working in a fury last weekend. So, this is the fully inked background piece, completely uncovered by text or what have you. That's pretty much the stage set from the movie, only without the keyboardist. I also included the Stonehenge prop, but it got covered with text too. Woops.

One of the things I was a little apprehensive about when working on this was getting the likenesses down. I'm not really certain I did that too well. Sometimes I can nail that and sometimes I just don't. I think I landed somewhere in between with this one. Three really iconic yet somehow generic 1980s looking dudes. I think these are decent, passable, but maybe could have been better. I had a lot of fun putting this together though. Such a hilarious group of characters.

I'm really really happy with this ridiculous logo design though. I used a grid system that I made, then broke to fit everything in. That was a lot of fun to draw. I need to do more logos for fake metal bands. I misspelled "Muenster", which I later fixed, but not until after I printed a really short run of these and dropped them off. So, out there somewhere are ten Guitar Gyro posters that have a misprint. I am just going to assume they've already been stolen by rabid Melt fans.

I had the vegetarian version of this sandwich on Sunday. It's pretty awesome. I dunno where they get their seitan, or if they make it there or what, but it's really really goddamn tasty. I'm glad I got this, I totally missed out on the Firecracker Chicken this year. I've been screwing around with various Kindergartens for the past bunch of weeks.

Here's the final minus the text. I really like how these colors came out. I watched the DVD something like eight or nine times while working on this. I dunno if these colors are indicative of any of the schemes from the movie or anything, but I think this came out good.

Here's the posters for The Melt Pig Roast, and The Firecracker Chicken. I didn't get the chance to post them, or, I never took the opportunity to post them. One of the horrors of being super busy is having to sacrifice things that are important. I'll be posting a bunch of stuff I drew but never got up here in the next few days. I hate when that happens, but it's like an avalanche at this point.

The Firecracker Chicken really is a great great sandwich. They have avocado on the menu all the time as an "Add On". So, at the very least, you can get a Kindergarten with chicken, pepper jack, and avocado if you feel like trying to replicate a somewhat devil may care version of that special. It's a pseudo-special!


Anonymous said...

brilliant love the spinal tap poster, the background to that one is killer!

John G said...

Thanks, dude!