Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've been working on a lot of various big time projects and random jams. Too busy to post up regular. Aside from the kitten picture. Been amassing this bunch of stuff I can put up in the meantime while I type/write about the others.

The above is a weirdo warrior dude I just kinda free-styled. I don't think this fits into any particularly accurate historical depiction of any kind of actual warrior. Some kind of weird Pagan/Celtic Gladiatorial Thug. I actually ended up using this on a poster I'll post about later.

This is a panel I'm not going to use from this project where I replaced it with something else that worked better for that specific joint. I like this though.

I really like porchin' it. I remember, as a kid, walking down Edwards in Lakewood, where I grew up. I saw one of my neighbors just sitting on this step that was part of the walkway that lead up to her house, which was one of the only houses set back way off the street. I asked her what she was doing and she answered "Watching the world roll by." I remember that kind of blowing my mind at the time, that a person could just sit down and watch the entire Earth turn. Since then, loitering, porchin' it, stoopin' it, it's all pretty much a valid use of time. I'm a busy dude, but if you don't take moments to watch the world roll by... you are wasting it.

This is my dude, my cat Rider, one of two. He's a big bozo- a Tuxedo Buddy, the most lovable and loving bag of fur that's ever purred and meowed. That's my dude.

This is a sketch, just a sketch... doesn't really mean anything other than it was an excuse to draw. Holy shit, do I like to draw. I sent this to my homie, Food, in a box cramjammed with other stuff. It looks like this:

THIS is CMD7. Or, the seventh volume of Caveman Diaries, a zine I put together every now and again. This box actually contains seven separate zines, CMD7A through CMD7G:

I kind of explained it here back in May when we put this out, but in the above blurry phone snap you can get an idea of the scope of that box.

CMD7A: Get Monastic (A collection of random illustrations and rants and shit)
CMD7B: Month of Flyers (A month's worth of fliers/posters)
CMD7C: See You At The Show (A whole lot of rock show fliers/posters)
CMD7D: The Five Ws (the other, non-show, fliers/posters of the last year)
CMD7E: Year One in The Meltification Machine (the first year of MELT posters)
CMD7F: Draw Hard (A collection of sketches, roughs, inks, unused pieces, stuff)
CMD7G: The Splatter Effect (Ink)
Guerrilla Gangsterism (by Asbestos Breath)

This volume was limited to 50 boxes, and I think I have about 25 or so left. If you would like one, they're $25 plus shipping ($5?). I'll throw in a sketch and maybe a bunch of other junk. Maybe I'll add it to the Shiner Comics store, but until then feel free to email me about it:

Speaking of my dude, Food One, he just put out a new zine: Scum of The Earth. It wa super limited and I guess you could only really get it if you caught him at a con this summer, like, in Paris or at San Diego. Unfortunately it's sold out, which... well, there's an interview I did with him in this issue, so, that pretty much ruled. I spilled coffee on my copy though, look!:

I'm certain there will be future Scum of The Earth issues, so keep your eyeballs peeled! In the meantime, for your earballs, there's always one of my favorite podcasts, The Beat Bee Sessions, hosted by Food One & Jane Dope! I'm currently a little behind, I'm listening to Vol. 14, right now, as I type this. It launched with Fishbone's Everyday Sunshine! (Oddly enough, also the name of a documentary about Fishbone I haven't seen yet but would love to (BOOYAH))

This is the cover art for the self titled CD that Hiroshima Vacation just released through Ithaca Underground. I'm not entirely 100% certain how to get it outside of Ithaca. I'd guess that if you get at the band through their myspace page, you can get it from them.

Here's the full on wrap around front and back. Those track names are great. "Bashing Emo Kids" and "I Hate Everyone" are probably the best songs that have ever been written or recorded in the history of Ithaca punk, ever.

Here's a poster I drew for Troy over at Star Pop, for his Christmas in July celebration. He's been over there for over a year now, selling all kinds of toys and clothes and other oddball sub-pop-cultural things. Star Pop is still going strong! This piece came from a really detailed request that Troy sent me, breaking down all the elements and references to the toys like Crocodile Mile, Skip-It, and the Pogo Ball. Looking at it now, it's kinda got me stoked for Christmas in December this year.

I just did some other work for the entirety of Waterloo that I'll be posting soon. I've got a bunch of other posters that I've done recently too. I hope to get them posted before they're irrelevant! Stay tuned!

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