Monday, August 09, 2010

Summer in The City 2010 Part 2: The Revenge!

I posted the first two poster for this Rock Hall series, and the main big full on jammer, last month, Here: Summer in The City 2010!

Now I'm back with the final two posters for this series of awesome totally free shows. Firstly, this Wednesday Deer Tick from Providence, Rhode Island and locals The Modern Electric are playing. It looks like it's supposed to be a beautiful evening, but it looks like it'll be hot. So, be careful, stay hydrated, use your sunscreen. Yes. I've turned into your mother. Moms, yo. Hi-fives for my Moms!

I got pretty into this theme of summer activities where giant vibrant aquatic life swims in the sky like gods above robots. I kind of, sort of, stole the initial idea from my little buddy Owen, he's seven. I teach him Drawing every Wednesday afternoon, and the first class all he wanted to draw was giant jelly fish (though admittedly, they were destroying the city). It struck a loud chord and I followed the idea through with the remainder of this series; feeling out what kind of undersea creatures would work well with each bill, and hold on the most organic with each robot component of the summer in my mind and memories. The colors of these were actually a pretty thorough challenge, too. I pushed it to the limit, and took way longer than I should have.

Next Wednesday, August 18th, Trans Am from Bethesda, Maryland and local Genius Juggernauts MEGACHURCH are playing. Hey, if you see Megachurch, and you love them as you should: Buy the Record, Buy The Poster.

There was a time when summer, to me, was defined by riding bicycles. Then there was another time, the time when summer was defined by riding BMX bikes. BMX represents a freedom unknown to the uninitiated. There's something about seamless days spent outside of time, at dirt trails over the edge of sanity, or unyielding nights riding street in a mob of hooligans. It didn't always have to revolve around actually riding the bikes, we could shoot the shit as accurately as anyone, but that's how independence is given and taken. It was never something organized or planned or thought up other than we'd ride out and ran into each other. Then we would ride together. There were no cell phones, in fact when the first of us got a cell phone, what we did... was call the police on ourselves to get them to chase us. That was years later. That time, summer lasted forever, and everyday was burning with fun and danger and life and finding out what the hell was actually going on in the world we lived in, and who we were and why that mattered- if even for just that summer.

I feel like Steven King writing about the 60s or whenever he was a kid. Que the Sky Sharks. I think this one, this last poster, is the most appropriate. I love them all, but this one fits the best. This one feels most like Summer to me. Summer in The City.

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

I love this stuff, man. Great, surreal magic :)