Thursday, August 05, 2010

Congratulations! Ellen & Steve!

Congratulations Ellen and Steve!

Ellen's brother, Joe, commissioned this poster for their wedding last Friday, July 30th, 2010. The Tossers played the reception; the couple met at one of their shows!

Here's the black and white line art:

With any commission of this type, I gladly give the original art to the client, which I don't usually do for any of the usual posters I draw. Usually I just add the originals to the giant, ever almost toppling stacks of originals that are crowding the shelves in The Monastery.

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Ellen said...

Thanks!! When we walked in- I thought "wow, how tacky is this, they are advertising for something at our wedding!" Then I noticed they were advertising us!! Joe totally surprised us and we are definitely getting it blown up for our house. The Tossers loved it, too! They kept one of the posters, and my niece Angela kept the other poster signed by the band!

Thanks again! Ellen (& Steve)