Monday, May 10, 2010

CMD7A: Get Monastic

CMD7A: Get Monastic is the first of the books which make up the zine Caveman Diaries Volume Seven. It's actually too big to be one book so I made it into a box set of seven separate zines. Get Monastic is a collection of a lot of random art, commissions, shirt designs, record covers, sketches, rants that maybe make sense, rants that do not make sense, and other random things that don't fit into any of the other parts.

The other parts are:
CMD7B: Month of Flyers
CMD7C: See You At The Show
CMD7D: The Five Ws
CMD7E: Year One in The Meltification Machine
CMD7F: Draw Hard
CMD7G: The Splatter Effect

The release party/show opening for this zine is Thursday May 13th, 2010, at 7pm at Front Room Gallery. Megachurch, Clan of The Cave Bear, and Swindlella will be rocking that spot as hard as is possible, starting around 8:30pm.

If you're on facebook and you would like to see who has already contractually agreed to be at this opening, you can go to the event posting HERE. More importantly, you can see a list of the losers who will be living in regret for the rest of their lives and actually BARRED FROM ENTRY TO THE SHOW if they change their mind, since they confirmed that they're NOT coming. The people on the Maybe Attending list... you're okay... for now.

Megachurch also has an event listing, HERE. They're releasing a record. It's amazing. I drew the cover. It's not bad either. I like how some people have confirmed one, but are maybe attending the other. Internet 2010, so non-committal.

I'll be posting more stuff tomorrow, CMD7 stuff, maybe even a new poster or two.

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