Friday, April 23, 2010


I feel like MEGACHURCH has really gotten some serious heat in recent times, and nobody's earned it more. On Thursday, May 13th, at Front Room Gallery, they're having a Record Release Show for their debut LP! It was actually recorded at Zombie Proof, which used to be in Tyler Village, the same complex that Front Room is in. It was then also pressed at Gotta Groove Records, which is ALSO in Tyler Village. Then, I drew the cover art for it in The Monastery, which is two floors directly above Gotta Groove, right behind Front Room. Then, the next day, they're going on tour with Clan of The Cave Bear.

Here's a widescreen version of the record cover:

I'm also releasing a zine, Caveman Diaries Volume Seven. Clan of The Cave Bear and Swindlella are also playing. This event promises to be a ripper.

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