Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fresh Baked Pocket of Unholy Bananacakes

I think this is the first time in a long time that I'm posting the poster for a show AFTER the fact. I think maybe it happened a couple times during the Month of Flyers. Which... of course it happened then. That shit was insanity. Right now I'm in the throws of much the same type of insanity, only it's multiplied by ridiculousness, and then wrapped up in a fresh baked pocket of unholy bananacakes.

I've been drawing extra extra hard, and I'll be catching up and posting the living daylights out of this stuff over the next few days. Fortunately a lot of the posters are for shows that aren't for a while. Others are more immediate.

The idea of this jam came from a dude that often has good ideas, Zippy. Whatta Dude. We kind of brain stormed it after the recent Extra Life jam format change. I think it came out pretty good. The idea is that it's a double sided poster/flier, with the monster's back having all the info, then you turn it over and it's not a monster at all! It's some rascally kids with a big coat and a monster mask! I made an animated gif, but I'm not sure how to even post that here so that it will work.

The show was last night, I missed it because I was busy Bringing a sStorm. However, the Yukon dudes rule. MEGACHURCH and Swindlella also rule, but... I'm going to see them both really soon. I don't know who Daniel Francis Doyle is, but Kid Tested has been Kid Tested.

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