Thursday, March 04, 2010

This Vitorian Seance

Spooky in name, spooky in execution. Two years ago, on the very same date, March 23rd, Extra Life played at The Beachland Tavern, in Cleveland. That was Easter Sunday. This year, March 23rd, Extra Life is playing Now That's Class. This time with Self Destruct Button, and Queening.

At first, the plan was to use the same 11 x 17 format I usually use. I wanted to do a human ghost, all mixed up with some kind of tentacle ghost thing... but then I realized... fuck that. Taking it long and tall was the best option for prime Lovecraftian Demon Ghost conjuring, so long and tall it became.

I like making a mess. I've been working now pretty much consistently for just over 24 hours. I laid down from about 6am to 7am, out of a desperate need to be horizontal. Other than that- I've been smashing it. I've driven probably over 100 miles, eaten 3 oranges, drank maybe 64 ounces of coffee, and listened to almost every Wu Tang release between 36 Chambers and Bobby Digital, then Gza's Pro Tools, Iron Flag, Blackout, and ...The Chronic. Most of them multiple times. I've still got a lot of work to do.

This piece worked out. It wasn't a conscious homage, but there's a Hellboy story, "Goodbye Mr. Tod", where Hellboy is called to investigate this Medium, Mr. Tod, who accidentally channeled a big tentacle beast while in a drug induced trance. Hellboy has to chase the thing away with some arbutus. It's either in The Chained Coffin or The Right Hand of Doom. I'm not sure which. Both are great.

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