Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Bachelor in Cleveland vs. A Street in Cleveland

One evening, Saturday, March 13th, and all this stuff is happening. It's a big party, a street wide Waterloo party. Arts Collinwood, Music Saves (CAKE!), Lowlife, and Blue Arrow throwing down to have a good time. THEN, The Beachland is having a great show, a Cleveland Bachelor approved show.

Summer Cats are coming all the way from Australia. I like Australians. Afternoon Naps are coming all the way from The Neighborhood of Make Believe. City Center is from New York. Also, there will be ghosts, specifically Lowly The Tree Ghost. But probably other ghosts as well.

Yeah, so, I guess I was wrong. I'm not as gruesome as I thought I was. I tried, but apparently... I really like kittens. What? SO? You don't like kittens? I'll fight you to the death. After I finished drawing that huge kitten, I thought: "Imagine the litter box".

Speaking of kittens, Debbie from Blue Arrow has started the North Collinwood Feral/Stray Cat Project, which is a Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return (TNR) Program. There's an article she wrote on it from The Collinwood Observer, here. You may remember Debbie from a post about one of the kittens she rescued, Lucky Sunshine. I love that dude. Anyway, Debbie is true blue, and it's a genuine issue over there. If you're inclined to help out, head over to Blue Arrow and speak up. Or donate some money- every little bit counts, and it all goes to helping these kittens in the neighborhood.

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