Friday, March 05, 2010

A Decade at The Beachland

This is the design for The Beachland's Tenth Anniversary T-Shirts. This weekend is the celebration, with a bunch of awesome shows I won't be at! I have to draw my fingers to the bone, instead.

Tonight in the Tavern This Moment in Black History and SunGod are having a dual record release show. This Moment's stellar "Public Square", being released on Smog Veil Records, plus their split 12" EP with SunGod is also making it's debut. Also tonight, Pere Ubu is playing The Modern Dance in the Ballroom. Tomorrow night is Roky Erickson, The Alarm Clocks, and Living Stereo.

Here's the pencils, minus the characters and text. I drew this based on a photo I took on a pretty weird day that was sunny and bright, casting deep shadows. Personally, I love the Beachland and was pretty honored and stoked to do this shirt design. I've had some really great times there and can't imagine this city without it. I think it's an easy place to take for granted, though. Don't take it for granted, buy this shirt.

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