Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy First Birthday: BLUE ARROW!

This is cutting it hyper close, but THIS SATURDAY, March 27th, ALL DAY, Blue Arrow Records (just down Waterloo from the Beachland) is having an awesome party to celebrate their first full year of stone cold butt-kickery! Your favorite DJs from both WRUW and WCSB will be dueling to the death from noon until the party ends. I'm pretty sure there will also be free food, it's also probably a BYOB type event. This will be fun, their parties always are.

I'm really pretty stoked on how this poster played out. It's a little simple, but who can resist a kitten in a gramophone?

I think it's time to entertain the idea that I've gone soft... what happened?

I've been grinding on multiple things at once over here, so keep those eye balls peeled, for I will be updating more rapidly over the next week or so. Seriously: eye balls peeled.


Anonymous said...

"I think it's time to entertain the idea that I've gone soft... what happened?"

I think it might be related somehow to pecan sticky buns. I'm not exactly sure what the relationship is, but I I think there is a connection.

John G said...

Hmmm... you may have a point. A sticky, sweet, pecan encrusted point. I should start to think about a switch to straight jammers for the future. All jammers, All the time?

Anonymous said...

" All jammers, all the time". I think you have a t-shirt slogan on your hands. If you did make the switch, you'd probably just end up with mysterious free sticky buns in your bag and it would all be moot anyway.