Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lucky Sunshine

I was at Blue Arrow last Saturday night during the festivities on Waterloo. My friend Katherine was DJing at the party they were having and I got to go in the back and meet Lucky Sunshine, a kitten that Debbie had rescued and was taking care of. He was tiny and sick and adorable. Lucky for Lucky, I have this big belly, a perfect shelf for tiny creatures like sick kittens and the occasional human baby. I'm pretty self-conscious about my big belly. Being paralyzed from the chest down, there's not a lot I can do to slim down without switching to a steady diet of nothing*. However, in the moment, holding a new little guy, fearful and compromised, I was happy about that big belly. He was safe and warm and purring like a motorboat. He was loved and loving it. Debbie and Katherine gave him his medicine and he took it like a champ. A reluctant champ, but a champ nonetheless.

Messier and more thuggish, I think this self portrait is better than the last.

Yes, accurate in this drawing is the update. I got the words DRAW HARD tattooed in Helvetica Bold on my knuckles by Adam at Black Metal Tattoo out in Strongsville, Ohio. This picture is from last friday, about three hours after the fact. These are my first tattoos.

*This is probably most certainly not true at all. I bet if I just regulated my caloric intake and did more cardiovascular exercise I'd probably slim down at least a little bit.

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lou m said...

that is a great print john, thanks for all you do!