Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween 2009: It Never Ends

This year Halloween is cram-jammed with fun, awesome, ridiculous things to do in Cleveland. It usually is, every year, but this year seems particularly thick. There's the traditional show at Pat's in the Flats with all the cover bands. Last year I drew a LOST-centrtic poster for the Pat's Halloween show. This year there's also an awesome show on Halloween at Now That's Class, which is also CLOWN NIGHT. Clown Night! Dress like a Clown and get $1 Cans and $1 off mixed drinks. Only at Now That's Class.

I knew I wanted to do a diptych so I roughed them up together, and I knew I wanted to do multiple characters, but keep them separate enough so that each on their own would still work well. I actually tried a couple other ideas before I landed on this one, but I didn't save the sketches. I kind of liked breaking the layout I usually use a little. Not having a bar at the bottom with the venue/date info and including it in the image text worked well enough. Actually, it's one of the things I sometimes worry about, that my standard layout is going to get boring and stale... but it hasn't yet, so... when it does, I'll know and start to switch it up.

This was a lot of fun. Pizza Witch, Spider-Man, Frankenstein Robot Tourist, Voctoran Eye-Ball, Chain-Gang Green Fox? I wanted this Jack-O-Lantern to be more "fun" based than the parallel one, more traditional, I guess. Happier.

Machine Go Boom!
set by Self Destruct Button plus Jae
Grateful Dead set by Kill The Hippies
Flipper set by Mohammed Cartoon
Presidents of the USA by Megachurch plus Leia
Angry Samoans set by Space Dokkers

Spooky Tunes by THUMBS UP! between all this crazy shit! The show is FREE with a Costume, but seriously... I hate wearing costumes and even I do at least something.

I know there's another party going on this night too, but I'll be at Class, dressed as a clown, to see Keelhaul, Dysrhythmia, Sikhara, STATS, Clan of The Cave Bear, Jerk, and Xrin Arms. I know they're setting it up so the bands will all be playing in different places, like in the bar and on the skate ramp. I think this is the first Jerk show since they got back together, and I'm fucking pumped. I know Cave Bear is doing something really fucking awesome for this too, so... definitely NOT to be missed.

If someone can make me a suite anything like the Skullface Hobo Clown one in this poster, I will trade you original art for it, and then probably wear it all winter.


Anonymous said...

Cave Bear is playing as Lightning Bolt.

John G said...

OH SNAP! The Reveal.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for! You are gonna get that suit so hard.

John G said...

Whoever you are, Anonymous, there's some original artwork in it for ya! Bring it on!