Thursday, October 01, 2009


Yes, MELT Bar & Grilled is 3 years old! To celebrate they're doing some specials in addition to the regular monthly specials. This, of course, includes a celebratory 3rd Anniversary Poster. I had a pretty good time making this thing. It's based on an idea from Melt's Muenster Khan, Matt Fish. He sent me this old poster for the OG U.S. Godzilla release, and said "Make it Cleveland, make it a Giant Grilled Cheese, and make the people running in the foreground ...sandwiches!"

Sea Monsters in general have a tendency to get at me and say: "Sup, John G?". Sometimes, they attack. I usually have to enlist the aid of a Mad Scientist to save the day, and sometimes that can get pretty ridiculous and hilarious. However, I've got much love for Gojira. Gojira IS the Original Gangster or all Sea Monsters. One which I've employed recently on the art for Uno Lady's T-Shirt. In spite of all the Saturday Afternoon Channel 43 viewing I did as a kid, I don't think I've ever actually seen the U.S. release of Godzilla. At least, I don't remember ever seeing Raymond Burr. My jam was the Japanese 1954 black and white original, Gojira, directed by IshirĊ Honda. He assisted Akira Kurosawa on some of my favorite films of all time. He also made an incredible piece of future sci-fi awesomeness called Latitude Zero, which pits Joseph Cotton (Yes, of CITIZEN KANE) against the villainous Cesar Romero (The Joker from that 1966 Batman Movie)!

Anyway, here's the rough. It's pretty rough. Ain't nothin' wrong with that. It was good enough to send to Muenster Khan and get the nod + raised fist, the signal to proceed.

I draw the line art for everything with a brush and a concoction of ink that I mix from a couple different types of ink and then let sit for a while. Airing it like that makes it thicken so that it's not too watery and won't shows up really gray on the Bristol boards that I use. I draw on Plate Boards. Usually 9" x 12"s. Then I go in for the details with Micron pens, .01 or .03, and sometimes... .05 if I can even find one. Then I break out the tooth brush, the one I brush my teeth with, drop some ink on it and spray it all over the place... that's the "John G Gritty Splatter Effect". Then I brush my teeth. Gotta stay fresh!

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