Thursday, October 22, 2009


I hope I did this show justice: Melt Banana, Clan of The Cave Bear, The Deathers, Jerk.

This is the night after Genghis Con, so if you're in town for that, why not stay until Monday and see this awesome show? Travel on Sunday is gonna be bananacakes anyway.

This came out slightly more menacing than I had intended. I wanted to go with something more fun and creative. Something that caught the vibe of a giant robot with a mouth for a torso just doing his thing, and a dude with a jetpack taking it to the max. I think it came out a little weird and disturbing, but sometimes that happens.

I'm pretty happy with this drawing in general. It was really really fun to draw. I'm sure it can be said that this piece is sort of traveling on well worn territory for me, but I like to think it's more along the lines of elaborating on familiar thematic overtones. Hey, maybe there's nothing wrong with well worn territory?

The concept originated in my sketchbook. A little square guy that I usually carry around with me. I don't draw in it nearly as much as I wish I did, but I had it with me while waiting at my doctor's office and this jam happened. There's some good drawings in this book. There's one right in the beginning, one I didn't draw, that I'm particularly fond of. I'll hold onto that one forever.


Jeff said...

This is going to be an awesome show, and this is a *totally* awesome poster for it.

Any chance of getting a print of it?


John G said...

Yeah man, I'll get at ya!