Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Human Form

I'm a bit away from being able to post a bunch of new jams, but in the mean time... I got asked to do a self portrait for something the other day. Not entirely sure what this is going for, but I know where it's going and I think it's good. Why not? I was slightly bummed I couldn't use this piece of me in wolf form, or draw a new version. However, there was a strict No Wolf Form policy. Been a while since I've drawn myself in human form. Things keep changing.

I feel like I spent the last ten years setting up a giant map of dominoes that circled and spiraled through Cleveland, with tendrils to other places. About this time a year ago the ghost of my past Self brushed up against the first one I placed, and since I've just been watching them chain react while rapidly placing new, more complex, patterns in all directions. It's interesting, this time we're in.

Right now, it's the time for us to be doing the things that rule. The things that matter. The things that define us and this time. Right now. We've cut out teeth and survived hard to get here. It's our turn. That's a temporary reality. Don't fuck it up.


m. said...

i like this

laura long said...

your self-portrait is half you/half clive owen. i'm into it, though i think wolf form might be a more accurate depiction.

John G said...

I think you might be right about the wolf form, Laura. I think the most accurate part of this piece might be the hand, and even that's now dated due to recent developments I'll post about soon enough.