Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Pile of Uruk-Hai

A Sunday night Metal show at Now That's Class. KRALLICE pretty much destroyed me when they played Champagne of Fests III last year. They're top of the food chain as far as I'm concerned. Portal is from Australia, and I think this is their first time in the US. They're only playing a handful of shows, too. I feel like it's amazing that Cleveland is one them, but then again, of course it is. Look at this crazy shit! Bloody Panda, from New York, sounds promising. Locals Nekrofilth and Dagmar will be cutting it up first.

Last Halloween, I had a conversation with Colin from Krallice/Dysrhythmia/Behold... The Arctopus about Lord of The Rings. That made me pretty goddamn happy. It's mostly where I sought after the idea for this poster, and having an lone Elf Warrior up against a pile of Uruk-Hai just seemed the way to go.

Not really much of a process with this one to post about. I wanted to keep it simple and dark. I wanted to make it understated but deep at the same time. I like how it came out. This will be a great show.

I started a SHINER COMICS Big Cartel store. Right now it's just the Megachurch poster, CMD5, and the Original Art from this poster. I'll keep updating as I add more products and artwork!

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