Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Chance, Never Too Late

That's it, I have to apologize for not getting this up here until today, but TODAY, MONDAY, JANUARY 31st, 2011 is the LAST DAY you can get the Hungry Hungarian Melt at Melt bar & grilled. Here's the lowdown:

Tender and Flavorful Pulled Roasted Chicken
Huge Homemade Dumplings
Creamy Paprikash Sauce
Provolone Cheese

This month I went with a sequential narrative based diptych, where we see the before and after of our hero, Mr. Polar Bear shoveling and then warming himself by the fire with a tasty hot bowl of Chicken Paprikash. It's a slight extension of the idea of the Mighty Macaroni Melt posters from December. In that one, the dippy was also sequential but in an action-based immediate way. Both were really fun to draw. I liked doing the contrasting inside/outside shots and schemes. I like depicting a scene that is probably pretty typical to a Clevelander winter experience; the drill of clearing a driveway (which in and of itself can bring a sense of accomplishment) and the eventual reward of finally getting inside and sitting down in the warmth.

Even though today is the last day you can get yourself a Hungry Hungarian, really nice prints of both of these posters, plus the original drawings of both, including the drawing of the sandwich, and the text, and some roughs, with an explanation that maybe goes deeper than I have here, are all hanging at Heights Arts as part of A Few Hundred Posters By John G and Jake Kelly, which will be up through the end of February. In addition to these, both of my Melt Soul Vegetarian posters, plus about 30 other posters, including a bunch more that have originals, roughs, and explanatory accompaniment, AND about 30 of Jake Kelly's originals (some of which have the explanations with them), AND a giant monolithic installation piece in the center of the gallery completely covered with both of our work from floor to ceiling. It's quite an art exhibit. I'm planning on being at the gallery for open hours on Saturdays through out the month.

I think what a strive for in a lot of these pieces, is the details. It's the details that are compelling and sell the ideas. The cat watching the food (maybe hoping for some renegade paprikash to try and make a breaak for it that she can get her fangs into?), the boots by the fire, the pink slippers, the shovel from the west side poster with the snow still melting. Jake Kelly tried to nail me on the fact that the house depicted in the west side poster couldn't be the Polar Bear's house because the chimney is in the dead center of the house from the exterior but it's only along one wall on the interior. I had to explain to him that the Bear's house has more than just that room, and that there's a hall beyond that fireplace, a bedroom, a kitchenette, but what we're seeing is the den. Mr. Kelly remains skeptical.

I totally forgot to post this forever ago, I think this was for Scene Magazine's Best Of 2010 issue last year. This ad is based on the cover Primus' record Sailing The Seas of Cheese.

I took a lot of liberties with it, which was a total blast to draw. I loved getting to play around with the weird longer format.

Earlier in the month M*A*S*H was the Late Shift film at the Capitol Theatre. So the 4077 Hawkeye Korean BBQ Melt was the tie-in sandwich. I missed out on both, just from being super busy, but I heard very good things about the sandwich. I thought thiswas originally going to be a poultry sandwich, hawk-meat or something, so I drew the OG MASH poster of the lady's legs with the peace sign hand with the helmet on the finger tip, but drumsticks instead of the legs... but it ended up being beef. So I went with an homage to this DVD cover art or whatever this is:

Lastly, I drew this elephant for January's desert cards that are on the tables at Melt. We've been doing these for a while now, and I really like the absolute freedom of them. I like them because they just are what they are. I wonder if people steal these off the tables?

I still have a mountain of work to do... at the moment I think I've slept maybe like, 4 hours of the last ...72 ...96? So after this I'm going to take a nap before getting back up to my elbows in work. I have a piece for a group show in LA, a fistful of posters, a weird apparel design gig, a pretty prominent illustration gig, and a physically huge collaboration with Jake Kelly to get done. And a couple comics things. Also, not to let the cat outta the bag too early, but a second record cover for a monumental Cleveland band. I have a ton of art, and maybe a story of two, to post up in the next few days, so stay tuned!

If you're waiting to hear back from me about something, or waiting on prints, I'd like to publicly apologize and promise that I'll be getting to everything this week! I truly am sorry I've let a few things slide, but Hang Tough like New Kids... I gotcha back.

EDIT: I'll add links to this one later.

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