Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Dude Returns ...to Abide

It's February, and there's a new Melt monthly special, and this month I'm on top of it, posting up on day one. I've still got a couple Melt jams that I have to post from 2010, but I'm going to make an effort to keep things more current here from now on. I think people may actually be reading this thing.



This sandwich is awesome! It's:
Homemade Beef & Pork Italian Style Meatballs
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Smothered in Rich Basil Marinara
Provolone & Romano Cheese
Amazing Vegetarian Version available

This sandwich was so popular back in December, when it was available for one weekend only, as a tie in with Cleveland Cinema's Late Shift screening of The Big Lebowski, that Melt has brought it back for an entire month. I had the veggie version before, and honestly, I'll probably eat at least two of them in the next four weeks. I can't recommend it highly enough.

This time I drew one big image and cut it right down the middle, much like I did on this Gyakushu diptych I did for RED 7, back in November. Rooster Cogburn was actually super easy and a LOT of fun to draw, The Dude is a fun but also difficult dude to capture though, at least for me it was.

Here's the black and white line art for the sandwich drawing. I've drawn so many of these at this point that I have a huge stack of sandwiches over here in the studio. It's getting a little ridiculous. Every couple months though, I get thrown a curve ball, which I will be posting tomorrow!

Here's the finished colors without the text. I wanted to make this piece as simple as I could, and focus on the characters. I wonder if the Coen Brothers will ever see this insanity. Do you think they're aware of how influential they are, not just on storytelling and film making, but also on sandwiches and posters for sandwiches?

Here's the text, minus colors. I think maybe I botched it on the colors of these on the posters. I think the texture of them gets lost in a way that I hadn't intended. In retrospect I think I know what I could have done differently to improve on that but... I also misspelled "Marinara", which was immediately pointed out on the Melt facebook page, thank you public.... thanks you for pointing that out.Well, for your information I spell words wrong all the time. I misspelled like, 290 of the 35,000 names on the Love Stinks poster (which... (that wasn't entirely my fault, I didn't book that show or give myself the final list to put on the poster, but I should have spent the ten minutes it would have taken to check all the spellings) that show is going to be off the hook, you should definitely make an effort to go, and buy some goddamn art), and 67,982 or the 3,889,278,666 names on the original Lottery League poster. True story: on the very first print run of the very first comic I ever made, way back when I was just a pup, I spelled my last name wrong on the cover. MY LAST NAME. ON THE COVER.

Stay tuned! I have more posters to post later, two more Melt posters this month, even. Maybe THREE. Plus a bunch of odds and ends.


Margaret said...

Is there anyway to buy a melt poster online? Esp this one?

John G said...

Hey Margaret, Thanks for the interest. We used to offer the posters on the Melt site, but I think they've discontinued that so I would more than happy to offer up prints of any of my posters, Melt ones included, especially this one!

I'll work on getting that set up here on the blog, but until then please shoot me an email, jgritty@gmail.com and we'll work it out.