Saturday, February 19, 2011

But She Promised That She'd Pay it Back

This is just something from something that I'm working on. Just felt like putting it up here tonight.

Been drawing a lot. It's 4am, again. My hands are bugging out, eyes hurt, starting to blur... forget about my back, wreckage.

Today, after working for about six hours I realized I didn't know where my phone was. I looked around the studio, the usual suspects and it wasn't there. It wasn't in my hoodie pockets, or my shirt. I went back to the kitchen to see if I had left it on the counter when I made lunch or... even breakfast. Nope. I checked the bathroom to see if I had taken it in there and forgotten it. I hadn't. I looked in the bedroom on the off chance that I hadn't even taken when I got up this morning. Of course it wasn't there. So I started the serious search, looking in my bag and on this futon mat thing I have in the studio that I stretched out on earlier. No dice. I checked this big chair that my ladybird sits in sometimes, and it didn't fall into the seat cushion. I searched a bunch of boxes, and the newly arranged den. I looked on all the shelves in my place. At this point I was moving everything in the studio around, hoping I had just not recognized it. I had wasted all this time looking for it, I had to find it. Who knows what I missed? What calls and texts? Some important time sensitive shit that only I could deal with? I moved the giant futon mat thing, the chair, the boxes under the giant futon mat thing, the covers and pillows off the bed.

Defeated, I was typing up an email to inform my girl I couldn't find my phone when ...*CHIME*... I heard it, the faint sound of my text message alert! somewhere in the studio. I immediately tried to locate the area of the studio the chime came from, but it was so faint it didn't matter. I moved the chair again, cleared off the futon mat, but it didn't matter. No phone.

I remembered that using iChat you could send instant messages to phone numbers, so I logged in for the first time in over a year (at least), and sent myself an SMS message. Waited.... *CHIME*! I swung around to look in the direction the chime came from, but I saw no indication that my phone had mysteriously appeared. So, I tried again. *CHIME*! This time I thought it was coming from another direction all together! Right behind me! So I tried again, but turned around during the lag between sending the IM and the *CHIME*. GHA! It sounded like it came from behind me again! So I tried another IM... *CHIME*! Freaking out a little, I moved everything around again, sent another IM... turned around really quickly... *CHIME*! Every time it sounds like it's coming from somewhere else!

I stop to think for a second. I'm paralyzed, I'm in a wheelchair... the last time I saw it was in the morning when I got dressed... so I transfer out of my chair and onto the futon mat and check the chair. Sometimes I put my phone on the seat when I'm not using it, maybe it had fallen behind or under the cushion? Nope. It then occurs to me to check inside my pants, as I can't feel my legs, maybe I had accidentally pushed it into one of the legs when I pulled my pants on this morning? Not there. I check the floor again, then transfer back into my chair. Defeat. I try the IM trick again... *CHIME*... goddammit, it's RIGHT HERE! SOMEWHERE! Again... *CHIME*. GHA!

Again... *CHIME* I look down, it's coming from the floor! Right in front of me! IM... *CHIME*...

My phone was in my right shoe. The one I had ON MY FOOT. I must have set it in my shoe this morning when I got up and got dressed and didn't realize it when I put my shoe on. Just slipped my foot into it and tied it up, oblivious. I missed three calls and two texts.



CheetoMcCloud said...

Great story! I felt like I was on the search with you. Next time that happens, email the Meghan and Carla detective agency.

John G said...

Thanks Cheeto! Meghan and Carla Detective Agency! Why didn't I think of that?

killersharkworm said...

this was the bestest story ever.