Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Welcome To Ramones Pizzeria

Melt bar & grilled has gone insane. A third special for a month with fewer days (and that doesn't include the special promotional jam for Valentine's Day, which I won't be doing a poster for). At any rate, February 18th and 19th, Welcome to Ramones Pizzeria:

Open Face Pizza Sandwiches!
Choose one from the Ramones Menu or Create Your Own!

The Joey Ramone 3 Cheese Meltdown
Provolone, Mozzarella and Asiago
The Johnny Ramone Veggie Lovers
Mushrooms, Roasted red peppers, Black olives, Sweet onions,
The Dee Dee Ramone Meat Lovers
Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Salami
The Markey Ramone Garlic White Pizza
Herb Cream Cheese, Fresh Tomato, Banana Peppers and Fresh Basil

See Rock n Roll High School, Saturday Feb 19 at The Capitol Theatre, at midnight. Part of the Cleveland Cinema's Late Shift! If you haven't been to one of these, I assure you they're a blast! I've never actually seen Rock n' Roll High School, so I'll probably go to this.

OH, and also down the street from The Capitol. Ramonesmania is going down at The Happy Dog before the movie for Ramones cover bands and true Rock n' Roll High School mayhem co-sponsored by Melt.

Matt specifically requested I use the art for the Ramones record Road to Ruin (originally drawn by Punk Magazine co-founder John Holstrom) for this poster, only set them in a pizzeria, which I promptly forgot about only to remember right after I finished the illustration...

So I used some math and magic to draw a red and white checkerboard tablecloth, a staple of the American pizzeria, in drastic perspective that I could drop in under the drawing of the Ramones, based on this record cover. It was a lot of fun to do this poster, but I can only rock Road to Ruin so many times. I had to migrate back to rap music, and heavier wackier jams eventually. It's funny sometimes I feel like The Ramones' songs are tantamount to children's music, which is a good thing- I think. It's simple and catchy and poppy, but aggro and needy and sometimes poignant beyond anything else being done at the time.

Well, I butchered the language again when I spelled "pizzeria" with an "a", but luckily it was a pretty easy fix. I think at this point, by the time I was working on the lettering for this, I had been awake and working for somewhere around 30 hours. There's a lot of text on this one, but the record cover is designed so well, it was a natural fit for this layout. I really lucked out. Matt could have asked me to base it on the actual movie poster for Rock n' Roll High School. That would have been a distaster! That poster... so crazy.

This is a case where the special is an entirely new sandwich and something Melt has never done before. I had to kinda of fly by the seat of my pants, which... I mean, I've drawn pizza before, and I'm pretty familiar with Melt food, so it wasn't intimidating or anything. I just would hate to have drawn something that is completely inaccurate and didn't represent what the sandwiches look like at all. So, I hope this looks good!

I opted to draw the veggie version, because that's probably what I'll be ordering. Man, I love a good veggie pizza. I think my favorite pizza is Angelo's (I can't even count the amount of Angelo's pizzas I've gotten late at night), but I think Danny Boy's is a pretty close second.

As a pup, I worked at (and grew up at) Lakewood's legendary Bobson's Hardware. Across the street was a Danny Boy's, where Tina's Restaurant is now, and the other dudes and I would get pizzas from them all the time. I remember I really looked up to this one dude, Pat Wadden, and he introduced me to the majesty of Danny Boy's cross between a messy sandwich and a calzone, the "woogie bear". It was an awesome, formative experience.

Man, I love pizza.

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