Thursday, July 09, 2009

Make it Rise

So, here's the second poster in the Summer Sessions series at The Rock Hall. Akron/Family from Williamsport, PA, and Black Swans from Columbus. I bet these two bands are absolutely bonkers to see live. I've heard nothing but good things about how that Man Man/Mystery of Two show went last night. I couldn't make it, but I guess it was quite the banger!

I went with my favorite food ever for this one, Pizza is an absolute staple of my diet. Sometimes I go days without eating anything else. If I ever get sent to Death Row and I'm gonna be executed, my last meal will be a 4 pack of Virgil's Root Beer and a large deep dish pizza with fresh mushrooms and onions from Angelo's in Lakewood.

BUT- I recently took a trip out to Highland Heights with some amigos y amigas and we got down to business at Crostata's. This place is a seriously serious Pizzeria. Got hip to it by way of THIS ARTICLE in the Cleveland Scene. We shared two different pizzas and they were both absolutely killer. We also split appetizers and deserts and I can assure you, everything was Beyond Thunderdome levels of awesome. Highlights include a smoked mozzarella cheese and the San Marzano tomatoes. Crostata's: HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION.

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Jen Kaplan said...

That is strange you went to Highland Heights to get pizza from that place. I live in Highland Heights and I don't know anyone who has been there other than you and I know people who live within walking distance and often go to Harry Buffalo across the street. I will have to stop there one of these days since you liked it and it is right by my house.