Friday, July 03, 2009

The Firecracker Chicken!

The Firecracker Chicken is easily one of my favorite Specials at MELT. It's the first Sandwich Special I think I noticed as being different from the rest of the menu, that I made a point to actually go there just to get it. I like it as much as I like the Pig Roast.

The official quote from the Melt Newsletter (sign up for it on their website):


Our July special embodies the 3 great elements of summertime.

The super heat of the summer sun, the refreshing coolness after jumping into a neighborhood swimming pool or running through the sprinkler and the sweetness of a Popsicle right out of the freezer.


Spicy Diablo Blackened Chicken - the heat

Fresh Creamy Avocado - the cool

Grilled Pineapple - the sweet

Pepper Jack Cheese

Vegetarians and Vegans Rejoice!!

Vegetarian Option available featuring Diablo Spiked Fried Tofu

Come Celebrate The 3 Elements of Summer all July at
Melt Bar and Grilled

So, there ya have it! Another awesome sandwich, another poster! Fireworks are really hard to draw, and then I obscured them with text, so here's the poster, minus the text just to show off the amount of texture and colors that are happening on this thing:

I'm pretty happy about how this came out. I like that all of these posters have been pretty different. It's been a great challenge, and a lot of fun to stretch my brains and capabilities. It doesn't hurt that I genuinely love Melt, and find myself eating there all the time. I like to think that in doing these posters, I'm getting to visually portray my personal experience and affinity for the place. It's not just some gig I'm doing for some client I don't really have a full knowledge of. I'm pretty invested in it all. I think that might be how most my gigs are, though. I usually genuinely like the bands I agree to do posters for, or I don't know them, I usually like the venue and the people involved in it enough to give the bands the benefit of the doubt.

More to come, much more. Back to work.

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