Thursday, July 02, 2009

What Big Eyes You Gots

This bill is made up of all relatively new Cleveland rock bands. Casual Encounters, I think this is their third or fourth show. Stimulus Package, pimps, killers, Lotto League veterans. All Dinosaurs very first show.

Bela Dubby, bring the kids, drink coffee, then beer. Booya.

I kinda knew exactly how I wanted this to look, which was to look suggestive, kinda sorta implying sone kind of kinky weird wolf/riding hood "encounter"... without being gross, so I had to start kind of gross with the sketchy foundational stuff so's I know where things go:

I knew how I wanted to crop it, so I blew that smaller rough up, and boxed it in and roughed it in further details before inking. I've been trying to expand upon my usual "mid shot of a charter centered over a background" layout. I love doing this shit, but... yeah, it's good to try new stuff and flip things around.

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