Monday, February 14, 2011

Melt Mash Misfire

Way back in January, Melt did a Korean BBQ sandwich called The 4077 Hawkeye Korean BBQ Melt, I posted about it here a couple weeks ago. I mentioned how I originally thought it was going to be a poultry sandwich involving chicken or turkey, or hawk meat. I drew this homage to the original M*A*S*H poster.

You can tell this process was abandoned early, because I hadn't even gotten to the splatter effect yet. I thought it went well, even though it is kind of a ...potentially less than appetizing idea. Still, this definitely falls into the realm of the level of weirdness I think I would like to aspire to, exemplified by the Rooster Haus or the, by now trademarked, Keelhaul Sabretooth Chicken Bunny. It's 2011, weirdness abounds.

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