Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Brat Pack Breakfast Club Melt

This sandwich sounds ridiculous. For real:

The Brat Pack Breakfast Club Melt
Scratch-made Captain Crunch Infused waffles
2 Fried Eggs
Crisp Bacon
American Cheese
All Dipped in Pancake Batter then Deep Fried to a Delicious Golden Brown
Served with a side of Bourbon Maple Syrup and Pixie Stix!

I never understood the fascination with The Breakfast Club that other people even just a year or two older than me seemed to take as a given. I guess I was always much more of a Weird Science and Ferris Bueller fan for my John Hughes money.

At any rate, go see The Breakfast Club at The Cedar Lee on Saturday February 5th at either 9:30 or Midnight! This is part of Cleveland Cinema's Late Shift. While you're there take a peek at Heights Arts, which won't be open, but you can get a glimpse of A Few Hundred Posters if you're so inclined.

For iconic posters of 80s movies, this one is hard to beat. At least in the non-adventure/non-horror/non-sci-fi movie posters category. Maybe it's the simplicity of it, the hierarchy of characters, or how indicative of the actual story it is... I mean, the movie is just about these characters staying in one setting the entire time. They're not even supposed to doing anything there, either. There are no frills, barely any exterior elements, just interaction between characters. A pile of human interaction. There ya go, there's your poster.

This was a blast to color. I think it came out looking really good and even though I wasn't 100% satisfied with how well I was able to capture the looks of the actors, I think this coloring job redeems that a little. I liked doing this poster. I did have the movie on while I was working on this. I hadn't seen it in a very long time, and even then I don't think I had even paid that close attention to it.

When I was in 9th grade, at Lakewood High, I found myself in Saturday School quite a few times... I had little to no interest in watching a movie about it. A good trick to get out early was always to volunteer when a janitor would ask for some students to help move a piano or sweep a gym or something. Then you would just work hard for ten minutes and they would either let you leave, or send you back to the cafeteria unescorted and you could sneak out and go enjoy your day. Or, in my case, you could go back to work.

I don't think I had ever noticed before, that The Breakfast Club has it's own weird little corporate logo. It's such an early 80's thing, to have a corporate logo, when yuppies were kings and the idea of rising up the rungs of a corporate ladder was the ideal. It's such a great juxtaposition with the themes the film plays with, about identity and individuality, about growing up and belonging to something, a sphere, bigger than yourself but not being influenced by the bigger things that loom just outside that sphere.

In a post a couple days ago, I wrote about the importance of details, and how that can make an image compelling or meaningful in ways that can make a difference. I know it's small, and subtle, probably only the most eagle of eyed grilled cheese fans would notice, but changing the patch on Emilio Estevez's jacket to a Melt logo is a perfect example of what I was talking about. Adding the sandwiches to the characters obviously makes this a "Melt" poster, but adding a Melt logo patch gives it the further touch of a unique, almost subliminal, feel that I think is one of the appeals that makes Melt something people are into, and fans of, definitely not as much as, but along with, the sandwiches and other great food.

Crazy Ol' Matt Fish's early idea for the sandwich was to use the waffles as the bread, we call that "Animal Style", and then batter that with the Captain Crunch infused pancake batter. I think this would have been so awesome, but mostly because back when Melt had a Sunday Brunch menu, they had a Waken Bacon sandwich done Animal Style with waffles for bread, and I loved it, and miss it like a long lost best friend... *single tear rolls down cheek...

HOWEVER, I'm kinda glad that it got changed to the Captain Crunch infused waffle, because Captain Crunch infused pancake batter would have shredded the interior of anyone brave enough to eat this thing's mouth, the poor souls. I didn't mind redrawing it, at this point I think I could draw these sandwiches in my sleep!

I am pretty proud of the colors on this though. I love that it kind if "glows" a little. I think this is one of my favorite of the sandwiches I've done, color-wise.

Okay, enough typing for me today. If you're into this stuff, feel free to "follow" or subscribe to this blog. I've kinda been on a posting warpath and I've got a lot more to get to. I'm going to try and stay on top of it all. Also, comments are always welcome!

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