Friday, October 22, 2010

GYAKUSHU! Dipp, Mr. Hipp

Here's a diptych for a pair of what promises to be some seriously great metal shows. It's actually an homage to Gyakushu!, a comic by my dude Dan Hipp. RIGHT NOW, for the next ten days (until Oct 31st, 2010), you can read the entire series of graphic novels FOR FREE at THE THIEF IS DEAD! I highly recommend you take advantage. It's an awesome, weirdo, epic fantasy adventure tale of REVENGE and HEARTBREAK. These are easily some of the most fun designed characters to draw. What's better than a guy entirely wrapped in bandages?

Seriously, also look at Dan's blog, he regularly posts pretty amazing pieces based on your favorite movies and comics. All of which are super good, all of which are for sale, super cheap.

This rough is really small, a couple inches by a few inches.

Line art, drawn as one big piece, then broken up for the posters. There's a climactic fight scene that takes place in the snow, so I knew I wanted to add a shload of snow falling. I used three layers of splatter at various levels of opacity. I also used another laying of splatter which I stroked with a tooth brush to give a kinetic vibe to it.

The Invincible KEELHAUL, from Cleveland, is playing at Red Seven in Austin Texas on November 19th. Pack of Wolves, Eagle Claw and Curse The Heavens are also playing.

SkeletonWitch from Athens, Ohio is on tour with Withered and the frantically female fronted Landmine Marathon. Sounds like a completely apeshit show to be at.

Here's a video of Landmine Marathon:

Scion A/V Video: Landmine Marathon - Shadows Fed To Tyrants from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

GODDAMN, I love Heavy Metal.


Craig Collins said...

Wow! your posters are goddamn amazing. And for incredible bands too. Great stuff!

John G said...

Thanks Craig! I'm pretty into most of the bands I do posters for. I love it when I get a job where I'm unfamiliar with the bands and they turn out to be awesome! Happened most recently with Triptykon and 1349 (I was already way into Yakuza):