Monday, October 18, 2010

Ghost Soldiers, Answer To None

Cutting it quite close with this one, the show being less than a week away! I just want to see heads on the floor. I want to see blue blood splattering all over the walls, the ceiling, the heavens. I want to feel threatened in my own skin, and confident in my response. I want there to be a swarm of killer bees in the shape of a pentagram. Everybody's got ideas, but most of them are bad. Most of them are stolen. Most of them are beaten to death. Over and over. I want some living ideas to beat your ass back.

Human Eye is coming from the moon, Beast in The Field is coming from under the earth. Centrifuge, I think may be Younstonians. Little Sister lives in your earholes.

The art and this lettering is mostly brush and ink. I think the only thing I used pens for was the tattoos and then some cross hatching, maybe. I accidentally left my ink bottle open overnight and it got really thick and crusty on me. It yields good results, but damn is it hard to work with.

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