Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mom's Meatloaf Melt!

Mid-October already and I'm just now catching up enough to post this month's sandwich special from Melt bar & grilled:

Mom's Meatloaf Dinner
Homemade slab of tender meatloaf
Chipotle ketchup glaze
Garlic mashed redskin potatoes
Provolone cheese

Amazing Vegetarian / Vegan Option Available
Great flavorful vegan meatloaf
Vegan or regular garlic mashed redskin potatoes
Vegan or regular provolone cheese

West Side version available at the Lakewood Melt:

East Side version available at the Cleveland Heights Melt:

Yes, I know the sandwich has Provolone, and the posters say Muenster. That was my bad this time. People make mistakes, and as hard as it is to believe sometimes, I am, indeed, a person. One mistake you can avoid making in October is to miss out on eating a Mom's Meatloaf. I had the vegetarian version and I gotta say, this sandwich is phenomenal. The thing I like most about it is the way that all the ingredients fit together, with the chipotle ketchup being the key, I think.

I really like making diptychs (and triptychs). I'll post it later, but I did something similar for lat month's Soul Vegetarian posters. September just got away from me too quickly and I didn't get them up here. I'll rectify that soon! At any rate, we're in the home stretch of 2010 and the last two sandwich specials are two of the most anticipated sandwiches ever to grease a plate in Cleveland.

This is an ad (alluded to in a previous post) from a Cleveland Magazine, I'm not entirely sure which issue:

Characters based on my good pals Zippy and Leia:

Photo by Lightning Fingers!

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! Your characters capture them perfectly! Those two are so cute! What a pair of sweeties!