Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dr. Feelgood, Fetko- Get Better!

Today (and yesterday), MELT bar & grilled is offering a special benefit sandwich called The Dr. Feelgood Melt, which is a Masaman Curry Chicken sandwich, with chicken roasted then bathed in a sweet and spicy curry, spicy chana del puree (chickpea lentil), mango and golden raisin chutney, and of course... pepper-jack cheese. Vegan and vegetarian options are available, if you don't dig on poultry. 25% of the loot made from these awesome sandwiches goes to Chris Fetko, a Melt employee that had a fierce bicycle accident back in June.

I don't really know Fetko, but I'm pretty stoked to have done this poster and to have been part of this benefit sandwich. The Melt Family is a pretty tight crew, and it's a Family I'm very proud to be a part of (even if, in all honesty, I'm probably more of a "crazy cousin" or "scary uncle" type member of the Melt Family). At any rate, the word was Fetko is a huge Mötley Crüe fan, so the sandwich was names The Dr. Feelgood. That record has one of the very best of all the shitty hair band record covers of that era, so I knew I wanted to include that as part of the art. It's so iconic and memorable, even if you can't stand those catchy but banal jams. I actually had a ball drawing this homage to "The Crüe", switching the snake to a chicken, and adding the Melt logo to the dagger.

Here it is, color, bigger jpg:

Here's the OG Dr. Feelgood:

Fetko's homie, and Melt coworker Jim Allison got to do a little Art Direction here, where I needed to know details about the injured man. I drew this sandwich featuring a depiction of the successful face-plant. These nerds play D&D, so note the percentile D10s- rolling to see how many hit points he lost.

Here's the full color, larger jpg. I hope it meets with approval and is somewhat accurate. I do like being able to include real people into the posters and stuff I do at Melt. It's fun, and the people I use are always super stoked. I usually turn them into robots or animals though. So, there's that.

Here's the scan of the text, which I actually really liked doing. Overall this may have been the most fun poster I've done in a while. Not that the other posters aren't fun, but all the little individual details about this one added up to being a good time. I did have goddamn Dr. Feelgood stuck in my head for a week, though. That was bad.

I wish I had had the chance to post this sooner. I do have a giant backlog of Melt stuff to post. I'll get that up here as soon as I can! Stay tuned!

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