Friday, July 01, 2011

Breaking Radio Silence, Part 1

• May: Ended in a whirlwind of a lot of hard work toward the last half, which was all great and I felt pretty strong being able to demolish all that in the midst of magic missiles exploding all around me. Unfortunately, this left me a little bit burnt out, a little bit exhausted.

• June: Realizing I needed it, I opted to take a slight break and chill for a piece. However, apparently the only thing holding me together was the work- because as soon as I stepped back I quickly started falling apart and crash landed in a pile of burning wreckage. Which was not as much fun as you would think. I still got the work done for Melt and some Red Seven posters done, but mostly by the skin of my teeth. Also, I will be posting those separate, later.

• July: This shit's been ridiculous. Between the 4th being an explosion rich war zone, and the brutal punishment of the earth scorching heat (and I'm not sure why, but I have absolutely no capacity for the heat anymore, due to the way I'm paralyzed I can't sweat, so I get pretty sick just being outside for a few minutes. Then I'm cooked and done for hours on end. I used to be able to handle it for longer periods of time, but not anymore), I'm just now, at the end of the month, starting to feel like I'm fighting my way back to normal. I'm still out of shape- and I'll get rocked every time I have to face the sun, but I've done some real good jobs lately, and got good jobs on the horizon.

I'll be posting some more of the stuff from late May, June and July in the next couple days. I may even dip into some older jams I never got up here before. In the mean time, I'll be drawing hard. Here's some stuff:

Most recently, I've done a couple posters for Now That's Class. I loved doing this because I feel like I was somewhat sharpening my poster chops in a way that I hadn't done in a long time. Melt posters are incredibly awesome, but I don't cut loose with the harsh gangster gruesomeness, or push the weirdness out into the absurd zones like I can for posters like these.

This one is a giant Sludge/Doom Metal show on August 11th, with bands from all over the globe. Pledge of Cain, Dead, Megachurch, The Unstoppable Death Machines, Churches Burn, and Red Sun. I fucked up the "E" in Red Sun and connected the horizontal lines after not doing that on any of the other "E"s.

Toxic Holocaust, Midnight, Holy Grail, Krum Bums. This one, I think worked out really well, even when I wasn't as confident it would, while I was coloring it. I gotta admit, the reverence that younger dudes ascribe to 80s thrash metal is fucking beyond me. I'm just old enough to remember how totally fucking stupid most people were in the 80s, and even though there were some beacons of true grim darkness out there in the spandex wrapped, hair spray tinted, day-glo cocaine storm, I can testify that the 80s pretty much fucking sucked. Then again, I'll probably be saying the same thing about NOW, in 20 more years, or... like, next summer. Goddamn, I hate guitar solos. Though, Midnight rules.

I drew this for this weirdo show. Tiger Hatchery, Moth Cock, Drake/Sceible/Henry Trio, and Dead Peasant Insurance. I had a lot of fun drawing this, I think I'll put the original up in the Shiner Comics Big Cartel store later this week. Dude's eating a Doom Sandwich.

Here's an Asbestos Breath flyer that I liked. What a nut! I bet that was a good show, too.

Here's a poster from waaaaay back in April, for the May 1st show at The Beachland, that The Cleveland Bachelor had me bust out. I'm not sure if the proximity to Cinco de Mayo inspired the use of this pyramid, which I think I based on The Kukulkan Pyramid in Mexico, outside of Sour Soul's home town of Mexico City. I was also riffing pretty hard on Spaghetti Westerns, which... of course. I still have no idea who Village Bicycle or ME is. Not that I'm actively trying to find out.

BEST FOR LAST TIME. This is one of my favorite posters I've done in a while. It was a show that Blue Arrow Records put on, and I knew I needed to include some sort of feline based imagery. I decided on the tower really early, and the band being called The Building had almost nothing to do with that. The cats are all based on The Volcano Cats. I had a really good time making this one. I liked drawing the text.

Thanks for reading. Check back for a lot of drawings of sandwiches, and some type about other junk later. Now get back to work. It's damn near August.

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