Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cops are on Tour, RIGHT NOW

People paying attention may remember all those days ago, when I posted about The Fucking Cops' Fuck You Up With Some Truth record that comes with a magazine size booklet, which I did some art for, including a comic adaptation of their noir punk narrative, Gloria.

Here's the second two pages from GLORIA, Part II:

These two pages were a huge huge challenge, artistically. A lot going on and a lot to convey, including a mood and overall emotive tone that I think came across really well. If I had one qualm, I think it would be that my color is a little too ...much. Like, I just went a little bonkers with this one. I like it, but ...yeah. Anyway, I like that there's ways get paid to do comics without actually working in the comics industry.

Here's my homie Asbestos Breath's double page spread from Fuck You Up With Some Truth.

The Fucking Cops are on tour right now, ripping and thrashing their way across These United States of America. There's a Facebook Page for it.

5/19 – Phoenix, AZ – Sound Kontrol w/ Rumspringer
...5/20 – Riverside, CA – Back to the Grind w/ Ross Hughes (Tiltwheel)
5/21 - San Diego, CA - The Soda Bar w/ The Cut Offs
5/22 – Oakland, CA – Mama Buzz Cafe w/ Block Shot
5/24 – Portland, OR - Saratoga w/ Alas Alas, DMV
5/25 – Olympia, WA – the Voyeur w/ Sharkpact
5/26 – Seattle, WA – Galway Arms
5/27 - Helena, MT - Jesters
5/28 – Minot, ND – Pangea House
5/29 – Minneapolis, MN – Hexagon Bar
5/30 – Chicago, IL – Memories Bar (in Portage Park)
5/31 – Grand Rapids, MI- Mulligans Pub w/ Ridiculous Party Behavior
6/02 – Detroit, MI – the Trumbullplex
6/03 – Lansing, MI – The Slytherin House
6/04 – Toledo, OH – Frankies (Get Up Kids/Saves The Day after party)
6/05 – Cleveland, OH – Dag House w/ Worship This, the Credentials

If you're in one of these cities on one of these dates, do yourself a favor and go see The Fucking Cops, buy Fuck You Up With Some Truth, say "Yo" to The Cops from your old pal John G, and feel free to feed them/buy them a beers. It will all be much appreciated.

If you're NOT in one of those cities, on those dates, but you still want to get Fucked Up on Some Truth, you can mail order the CD (only $8) or the vinyl LP (only $10) that shit HERE, and they will send it to you in the mail. OR, if you're not a big fan of getting mail and having physical objects that clutter up your shanty, BUT you love digital media and rocking out on your MP3 payer, you can download the Truth HERE for only $6. It's a wonderful record, no matter how you get it.

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