Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MEGACHURCH Kickstarter, Still Time to Get Saved

MEGACHURCH has launched and already achieved a kickstarter fund drive to raise the loot to produce their new record.

This is the rough of what I'm working on for the album art for this new record, which will be a continuation, and actually somewhat of a prequel to, the art I did for their first record. Which, it's an incredible record and you can still buy HERE. I probably didn't hype that record enough when it came out, or since, but it's really great and it's some artwork that I'm really most proud of. Speaking of that artwork... even though they've met their goal, it would still help out a LOT if you're interested in pre-ordering their new record and getting some of the awesome incentives for their Kickstarter project. Namely, you could get the new record with the digital download version, the CD of the record too, this awesome version or their first record that's been converted to 8 Bit Nintendo style music by the band called MEGACHIP (Read about it HERE!), and a 16" x 26" poster of the art from their first record. You've still got about 38 hours left to get in on it!

The BELIEVER Package is still available! For a mere $500 you would be the one to get the original, huge, 17" x 28" black and white line art drawing of the preacher riding the dragon I drew for their first LP, which they will get custom matted and framed just for you!


This is that line art, if you're curious I can provide higher resolution jpgs. Here's a photo I took with my phone:

Here's a quick color pass I took for the cover art for the new record. This will be the front an back of the record sleeve. I'll be posting the finished art as soon as it's done and be writing more about the process.

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