Friday, April 22, 2011

Fuck You Up With Some Truth

The Fucking Cops are putting out an awesome 12" EP/CD Fuck You Up With Some Truth, and having an awesome release show for it at Now That's Class. Local heroes All Dinosaurs are also playing, with Filmstrip kicking off a month long tour of the Este de los Estados Unidos. Seriously, if you live in Florida- Go see Filmstrip, tell them John G sent ya. Also, Field Trip is playing and I know absolutely nothing about them.

Dudes, Big Purple Records has really gone above and beyond for this release. I loved The Fucking Cops last record, You Have The Right To Shut The Fuck Up. So I was pretty stoked to be a part of it when they asked me to contribute art to this one. With both the record and CD you get a magazine sized booklet where all the lyrics pages are laid out by different artists. I worked with their guitarist/singer Jon Rybicki to make some songs, Gloria and Gloria Part II, into a series of comic pages that go along with the narrative of the songs.

Listen to Gloria via this handy Bandcamp thing-a-majigg:

Jon specifically wanted a film noir approach to it all, and being a pretty deep noir appreciator, I was happy to get gritty with it. They have this whole concept in mind for a much longer story, but as they compose each song, they're really just revealing one act at a time. It's serialized crime drama by way of pop-punk pulp bangers. Here's the first two pages, I'll post the second story after the record's out:

The other artists involved are Jason Lubrano, Lauren Measure, Shannon Sullivan, my homie Asbestos Breath, and more. I actually saw the books being printed while I was at the print shop for other reasons, and it looks really really awesome. That, coupled with how great this band sounds, makes this one of the more exciting things to be coming out of Cleveland in 2011. I can't wait for this show, and this record.

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