Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magenta Vapor Stew

There's this Doom/Sludge band from Providence, Rhode Island, The Body. Going full on pink/magenta vapor stew might run counter to the typical Doom/Sludge packaging for the metal-head masses, but I guess I feel like there's room for it in the Doom/Sludge dynamic. Why the hell not?

Self Destruct Button needs no explanation from the likes of me, but if you haven't seen them, now's your chance!

Griefhound, I've never even heard of. Looks like members of Snuff Film.

I had a vision of drawing a telephone pole with transformers on it, cables and wires leading off panel into the future and past, but I didn't really have a good reason to draw it until Paul at Now That's Class shot me this poster gig. I had just looped out on these sick post-apocalyptic action figure/models by this gnarly Korean (I think) dude named BHead.

I gave it a once over with the colors, spent some time trying to keep it simple, which was actually a huge challenge. I can't believe how hard it is to keep things simplified. I tried maybe four different gradient and brushy approaches to the sky, but it always looked too busy, or clashed with the pole itself.

I drew the text and made a splatter field to scan and use as texture on the poster, this was on a sheet of 11" x 17" copy paper that I just tore apart. I don't think I spent a whole hell of a lot of time on this.

As you can see, I added the texture and left it actually super subtle this time. I already knew how shitty it looked for there to be too much else going on with this piece, but I did want to add a little something to make it slightly less straight forward and as much of a snoozefest. Here's the final, with text, again.

This poster, along with two other posters and ten pages from a comic I made, will be hanging in an art show, Illustrious, that opens tonight, Friday the 22nd of April, at Wall Eye Gallery. I posted about it: HERE. Wall Eye is at 5304 Detroit, kind of over by the Happy Dog, where there will also be some kind of benefit show that The Pleasure Leftists is playing.

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