Thursday, April 21, 2011

Illustrious Opening at Wall Eye

Tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd, at Wall Eye Gallery (located at 5304 Detroit Ave), the opening for Illustrious, an art exhibit dedicated to Illustration, is happening in full effect. The list of contributors is pretty awesome, and though I haven't seen the show yet, I'm assured it's incredible.

There's a facebook event for it, HERE. There's a video on Cool Cleveland, HERE.

For my contribution to this group show, I'll have two different things hanging. One is the original art or the first ten pages of this comic I've got on the back burner called Stormbringer, which I will posted about separately HERE. Please do check out those pages.

The second is a series of three recent posters for upcoming events; a niche genre rock show at an west-side punk bar, a higher profile punk showcase (part of a four day long music festival) at a larger venue in Austin, Texas, and a fund raising/awareness building night for a regional non-profit at an east-side ballroom, presented side by side with the original line art, and a smattering of the process materials (sketches, lettering, ink splatter used for texture). Here are the posters. Again, like Stormbringer, I'll post about these sparately:

I posted about this one, here: Magenta Vapor Stew:

In addition to this show, there's also a great show, Justin Durand's Strawberries, opening at Proximity, over on E. 40th and Payne. I wish I could go to both, but I think I'll be at Wall Eye pretty much all night. There's the facebook event page for that: HERE.

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