Saturday, April 02, 2011

Best Of Party Art

This is a supplemental piece I did for Scene's Best Of party. This goes with the initial ad for the issue, and the actual art for the issue. What I knew was that there would be Burlesque Girls and Fire Dancers, that they wanted it to be set at night, and that it should match the Best Of material I had already done and been working on. Other than that I was told to go crazy.

I think I like the black and white version better, but I did color this piece very quickly. I probably should have spent some more time on the colors, colors are tricky, but ...them's the breaks. I like that I had the opportunity to use the Roxy Burlesque, which is kind of cool. Recently, William Rupnik Gallery had some of their awesome old posters available. I didn't make it to the party. I wanted to, but there was just too much else happening. I bet it was pretty insane.

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