Sunday, March 06, 2011

Days Future Presesnt

That's from this week's Cleveland Scene Magazine. One of the bigger projects I'm working on at the moment is all the art for Scene Magazine's Best Of 2011 issue due out March 30th. It's a pretty awesome gig, which I also did back in 2008. To vote for things that you think are the Best Of Cleveland, head over to, click on the Best Of menu, then the 2011 option. Get your vote on.

Here's a bigger version of the art, which prints a lot darker than I anticipated:

I really liked doing this, I drew the image just slightly bigger than the print version. On the finals for the cover and the rest of the work for the actual issue, I think I'm working at close to 130%.

This time I was able to design the text for the project. I went with these sketchy/technical blocky letters for the main words, and numbers. They don't work for everything, but I like the way these letters function together. I like the way the V and the A are inverted versions of each other.

I made two versions of this, here's the other that I think Scene has used in some older ads for the issue:

I laid these out in Illustrator using a grid of nine rows and nine columns. I started with the word Cleveland and made the C, the L, the E, the V, I already had the E and L, made the A by inverting the V, then made the N and D... Then I made the rest of the alphabet:

After I laid out all the text, I use that as a basis for drawing the sketchy versions by hand. It's the long way around, but in the end I think it looks better. I liked using the nine by nine grid. I think it made for some interesting choices, but there are a couple letters that vexed me, the S and the Z... the U looks... eh. I wish there were better solutions for those letters, but I really like the G and Q. I think I'll us a modified version of these for this year's Genghis Con logo.

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