Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Worryblind is the first in a series of these abstract black and white splatter art prints I'm going to make available through the Shiner Comics big cartel store. I don't have a name for the series yet, but they will all be extremely limited, probably all 13" x 19" archival art prints of matte photo paper.

I've listed Worryblind here: Worryblind

This one is limited to an edition of FOUR prints. That's right, there are only four of them, and that's all. I will never print any more. They are $42 each, which includes shipping. I ship in a padded, enforced envelope, Priority Mail, usually within a day or two of the order.

I will probably be listing one of these a month, for at least a year. This is kind of an experiment. If there is mad interest- I'll increase the numbers of the editions, but keep the price the same (meaning, I won't increase the price based on demand). If after a year they're still something people are into, I'll probably keep going.

I really like these prints. I like making them, and the way they look. I will keep them black and white, and for at least a year I'll keep them 13" x 19". After that, if I've got the opportunity, I'll branch into different sizes/processes.

BUY Worryblind, HERE.

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