Friday, April 01, 2011

None More Corny, The 2011 Version

April brings the return of The extremely popular Corny Beast to Melt bar & grilled. People love this sandwich! Here's what Melt has to say about it:
Our wicked version of the almighty corn dog! An ultra jumbo all beef dog char-grilled and stuffed into the sandwich with double american cheese. Slathered with our special cornbread batter the deep fried to a rich golden brown. Served with chipotle ketchup for dipping.

I really wanted to go with dog based imagery, but also knew that today, April 1st was the Home Opener for the Cleveland Indians. So I wanted to somehow incorporate that. The Corny Beast happens to be my longtime homie, and fellow Melt connoisseur, Fred Gunn's favorite Melt Sandwich. Also, his dog Lennon is a killer (as you can see). You may remember Fred from the old So Cow poster I did for Cleveland Bachelor. With this side of the diptych, I used an old photo of the ancient Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

For the opposite side of the dippy, I went with my friend, and Friends of The Cleveland Kennel Generalissimo, Becca Becca Becca and her dog Peanut, The Nut. You may remember Peanut from the Smooches and Pooches poster I did last Valentine's Day. I used google street view to grab a reference for Progressive Field, and got to drawing.

The Desserts are staying the same, so you have another 30 days to get yourself a Thin Mint Bread Pudding!

I'll be putting the original drawing for this Dessert Card up in the Shiner Comics Store soon, but it's $26 (shipping included) if you're interested. The Octopus is still available!

I have another thing to post about today, I did all the art for this week's Scene Magazine Best Of issue (on stands now) and a couple other things on the horizon. It's been a busy year up in The Volcano!

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