Thursday, January 14, 2010

Smooches & Pooches

Leave it to Friends of The Cleveland Kennel and Secondhand Mutts, two really great organizations, to throw a Valentine's Dance where you can bring your dogs. There's even a handy Facebook Event page, with more info, you can RSVP if you are so inclined.

I went with a design standard I used for last year's Art Fur Animals event promotions. I like it and it works well, plus the notion of creating almost an "identity" for similar events that I get to do the design for. Not that switching it up is a bad thing, but if it ain't broke...

The background, sky/snow covered skyline:

I didn't do the typography at the bottom, but I'm pretty happy with the text I did create for this. I made the double "o"s smooching, and then the "es"s are both holding hands. How romantic:

Originally, Becca Becca Becca from Friends of The Cleveland Kennel asked for just a drawing of a Cupid Dog, which was fun. I used her dog Peanut as a model. I think Peanut is a Chiweenie: a Dachshun/Chihuahua mix. Super cute.

Me and Peanut, best friends forever:

Pet Mountain.

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Serena WmS. Burroughs said...

JG: I'm glad you didn't do the typography, because there's a pretty obvious typo...the drawing is cute, though!