Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In The Dark

In the dark, there's truth. That might be why you're afraid of it. The dark.

The building, and surrounding neighborhood, where The Monastery is lost power a few times yesterday. During the day, it wasn't that big a deal, because the sorry excuse for a sun was still able to provide a little cold light for me to draw by. Not that it mattered, I was on the third floor and the elevators were out. I couldn't leave anyway. Then, around sundown, the power came back on. I figured I had time to scan the stuff I had drawn all day before trying to escape to the first floor. As I bundled up and headed down the hall to the elevator, the power went back out. This was in a hall nowhere near any windows. The emergency lights kicked in, but only stayed on for a couple minutes. This is the dark. Being able to see absolutely nothing, with your eyes wide open. I'm not going to lie, the building is old, and most assuredly haunted. Still... I felt some level of familiar comfort in the dark. Alone, unafraid, with the sounds coming from all directions at once. The ghosts knew I was there, they know who I am. The city knew, it knows. Most importantly, I knew where I was. I know who I am. Without the distraction of sight. Without the deceptions of a sense of touch... the only way out is inward. That's where you find the truth. That's where the fear comes from. Like I said, I'm pretty comfortable in the dark.

The power came back on, Paul showed up to join me in the freight elevator in case anything happened, and we hit the bricks.

This band D. Rider is awesome. Reverend Deadeye will probably be pretty awesome too, dude's a touring machine. I have yet to catch Home & Garden, but I did catch the last few seconds of Wifestriker's first show, and it was pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to catching a full blown set this time!

I have no idea where I read it, but my dude Brandon Graham recently commented that when you can't figure some drawing out, everything is better with vehicles or animals. I tested this theory with adding the truck from... the 40s, maybe. Totally works. That Brandon Graham is a smart dude.

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