Sunday, October 09, 2011

World in Shambles

All the way from Tokyo, Melt Banana returns to the Grog Shop later this month, with Tera Melos and Cave Bear.

Hey, it was really fun to draw this. For real, guys. I kind of wish those Samurai half-face masks, called Menpō, would catch on as a fashion accessory, where like, mid-western suburban teenagers were all wearing them to high school football games and parents and teachers would freak out about it. Fox News could do a campaign to get them banned from schools and then it would become a big election issue. Teenagers would take to the street rioting, the National Guard would get called in. The Great Menpō Craze of Fall 2011 would leave the world in shambles.

Also, BPRD patch. Goddammit, I love the BPRD Comics. There's a new Abe Sapien series out called The Devil Does Not Jest that has some of the most awesome comic pages by this dude James Harren. The action sequences in particular are fucking great. Harren is the strange/compelling combination of Paul Pope and like, someone like James Stokoe. I hope the Dark Horse can hang onto him and keep feeding him more and more comics with monster fight scenes to draw.

More posters on the way, I promise.

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