Monday, November 07, 2011

Esqueleto de la Bruja

This show happened, and I bet it ruled. SkeletonWitch is a pretty awesome name for a band, especially for a band from Athens, Ohio. I'd love to meet whoever designed their amazing logo, high-five them, buy them a grilled cheese sandwich and fight against a bunch of lizard beasts with them, in honor of how much they, as a designer, have improved the overall quality of life on earth at the moment. I think it's important to recognize greatness, and whoever the hell designed the SkeletonWitch logo, you rule.

Here is the brush and ink OG drawing. I'm pretty happy with it. I knew I would be reusing the Dio De Los Muertos skull face-painted female thing that I had just done for the Doomriders poster from a couple posts ago, but it was a weird and sloppy journey to get from there to having this occult shamanic military woman with the strange ancient bladed weapon representing in from of the Rushton Triangular Lodge, which I only know anything about because it's referenced in Voice of The Fire, which I've been slowly reading lately. Good book.

Here's the text as it is when I scanned it. Messy and ...not really planned out at all. I just used a crummy brush that I can't really ink drawing with anymore to draw the big words and a small pen to ink the smaller stuff.

This was a fun poster to draw. Heavy Metal seems to be in the atmosphere these days. I'm not really sure what that means other than these days are awesome. I'll be posting some more stuff soon. So, stay tuned! Also, tune in over at the Genghis Con Blog, where we'll be updating regularly until the show!

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