Monday, June 11, 2012

A Dog on a Journey Past a Volcano

The Friends of The Cleveland Kennel is throwing their annual Art Fur Animals art show auction that raises money to keep cats and dogs alive long enough to find them homes. Pretty great event, pretty great organization. There is bound to be a LOT of great art at this show, and a multitude of other offerings are up for auction. One year I won a Spa Day, and that shit saved my life. This is the first actual painting I've done in a super long time. Just, whoa. I'm rusty, to say the least. It's just watercolors and ink. I like it though. It was fun, and this is something I want to get further and further into. Drawing is fucking fun. Painting is a challenge. You should go to Art Fur Animals, bid on this painting, take it home and hang it up!

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