Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brooklyn Show

This is another flyer for Wasco. I wasn't too confident with this at first. I love doing comics style shit, and trying to make that work for flyers, but I was afraid the text was just a little too small and really... illegible for the purpose of a flyer that's supposed to be promoting a show. Then I thought about it and about how, well I don't personally KNOW any of these bands (except Scarcity of Tanks), but as far as I can tell these bands aren't rock start types. I don't think they're gonna be insulted by not having their names in big bold letters with bells and whistles and neon lights and shit. This flyer doesn't exist so much to SELL the idea of going to the show so much as to INFORM the audience of the show's existence. I think. I think it's more of a cool looking memo than a promotional material. So, yeah, I printed out the text, shrank it down to 50%, then blew that up tp 200% to give it that busted crusty feel. Then cut it out and cemented it onto the artwork itself. It's refreshing to do that shit after doing so much stuff where the text is all digital and the original art isn't a flyer, but just the illustration.

The band that I wish I were seeing play is Child Abuse. I hope they come through Cleveland soon, the MP3s up on thier Myspace page are fucking amazing. If you're anywhere near Brooklyn, I highly suggest going to this show. Hey, here's another link: Glassshouse Gallery!

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