Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Caveman Diaries No. 4

So I finally put out another zine. Caveman Diaries vol. 4 is the ALL SKETCHES issue. There's no finished art, just a lot of both sketchbook stuff and roughs and thumbnails from a bunch of flyers and shit. I'm pretty pround of this one. A lot of sketchbook collections I've seen are just sketches or whatever, but I commented on everything and I think I wrote at least half intelligent shit.

The book is 24 pages, with a grey cardstock cover. It's $2, plus 75¢ shipping. You can paypal me at JGRITTY AT HOTMAIL DOT COM, or send cash, check or money order made out to John Greiner to 373 Lear #52 Avon Lake, OH, 44012.

I'm hot the heals of this shit too, I'll hopefully have Caveman Diaries Vol. 5 done very soon. Certainly before SPX, which I'm going to do my best to attend.

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