Thursday, August 03, 2006


Been real busy lately. I intended on going to Chicago for the weekend to hit the Wizard World Comicon and see my sister and her family. I spiked a fucking fever last night though, so now I have a doctors appointment tomorrow instead of an eight hour drive. I'm actually bummed as hell about this. This show is the one time a year that I get to hang out with a bunch of my friends from all over the country. I was so looking forward to seeing the NYC Mech crew members Andy MacDonald, and Ivan Brandon. At this point, these dudes are like family.

Speaking of ... Ivan is the brainchild behind 24seven, a comics anthology published by Image Comics. I haven't mentioned it on this blog yet, but I wrote an 8 page story for 24seven that was drawn by Leland Purvis and my old friend Becky Cloonan. I think it ended up being pretty successful. I haven't seen a copy of the book yet though.

JAPANTHER is playing at The Church next Wednesday. Should be a good show. I drew that first flyer and was all but finished when Jae from Self Destruct Button called with this idea for this second flyer. I'm so glad I drew that. I think it came out awesome, and I drew it really quickly, so it felt good just to start out with an idea and execute it without stumbling. It reminds me that I really actually do know how to draw.

Eh, back to work.

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lou m said...

i like them both, especially the one with the panels..